Maven Technologies, LLC is the first Certified Electronics Recycler™ in New York State and the eleventh in the United States. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a full range of life cycle management services for their computers, telecommunications, and electronics. We serve both the residential and business communities throughout New York State.

We started in 1998, with a commitment to the environment through our zero landfill policy. We have developed a comprehensive and fully compliant system - including recycling, asset management, asset recovery, data, identity security, and hardware sales - complete with all necessary reporting and documentation.

The bottom line? Whether you're looking to get rid of that old PC you have sitting in your garage, or need to replace an entire computer system for your business, we make it possible for you to reduce, reuse, and recycle with complete peace of mind. Note that we are not accepting televisions or CRT monitors for recycle.

The Maven Team

Todd Wheaton


Todd is the President of Maven Technologies. He has over 30 years of experience with the sales and management services of technology equipment and has worked with numerous large corporations managing their used equipment as well as supplying IT equipment.

Tim Marino

VP, Operations

Tim has over 15 years of experience with electronics recycling. He designed and implemented one of the first online sales systems in the industry. Tim's primary responsibilities at Maven Technologies include overseeing every aspect of operations, monitoring business trends, and working closely with the President as well as the Management Team to streamline all processes and procedures.

Sarah Warmbrodt

Account Manager / Compliance Manager

Sarah brings 20 years of Quality Assurance experience and document management skills from the healthcare manufacturing industry. She has a passion for engaging groups and communities in responsible environmental stewardship and for sustainability issues and events. Sarah works as both our lead Account Manager and our Compliance Officer and works very hard to ensure we are the best at what we do!

Alexis Smith

Online Sales Manager

Alexis brings many years of management experience to the Maven team. As Online Sales Manager, Alexis studies and analyzes market trends, monitors inventory, and manages a large team to ensure high levels of production and quality. She also manages our shipping department and oversees all bulk sales. She has been with Maven since 2015 and continues to help facilitate our growth.

Erik Osmond

Director of Operations

Erik has been with Maven Technologies since 2013 and has worked in every area of our business. Erik's main duties at Maven Technologies include handling every aspect of operations, monitoring processing center activities, and managing all personnel. Erik is also responsible for the testing department and all aspects of IT and network management.