Recycling -- The Right Thing to Do

For generations, we just didn't understand the importance of recycling. We were a disposable society. But as we learned the implications on our earth and future generations, the move to "go green" grew. The government helped mandate the movement with guidelines and regulations. But with the explosion in technology, our electronics became obsolete at an alarming rate, and no one quite knew what to do with them. 

At Maven, we'll recycle your electronics responsibily, helping you meet both governmental regulations and your own personal sense of doing the right thing -- with the assurance that your data and privacy are completely protected in the process.

What to Recycle

Networking Devices
CD/DVD/VHS/Blue-Ray Players
MP3 Players
Cell Phones
Answering Machines
Power Supplies
Wire & Cabling

View a complete list on our Recycling Answers page.

Why Recycle

Sustaining Our Environment

The viability of our communities rely heavily on individual choices. Recycling is the responsible response to the exponential growth of technology; improper disposal of obsolete and end-of-life equipment threatens our water, earth, and air. By reducing the amount of equipment that is discarded into landfills, we can reduce the amount of hazardous toxins that seep into our water tables and soil. Proper recycling also limits the practice of burning waste, a practice that releases hazardous toxins into the air we breathe.

Improving the Quality of Our Lives

By working with Maven to recycle your investments, you will be saving money, protecting the world we live in, and promoting a safe, healthy lifestyle – factors which will immediately contribute to a better quality of life and the viability of our communities.

Where to Recycle

Maven Technologies offers free drop offs at their processing center.
Monday – Friday
9:00am - 4:00pm
NO Appointment Necessary

1450 Lyell Avenue # 5 (See the map)
NW Corner: Lyell/Mt Read
Rochester, NY 14606
585-458-2460 |
Warehouse behind the Strip Mall.
Go to MAVEN TECHNOLOGIES, Customer Entrance.

We have more drop off locations across New York State.
Contact us to find a location near you:

Recycling Location

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Or drop off at one of our many recycling events that take place throughout the year.
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Recycling Event Services

Maven Technologies events team are experts in executing an efficient recycling event for municipalities, local businesses and fundraisers. Our team has managed hundreds of events across New York State.

  • Specially trained staff
  • Assistance with event promotion
  • Properly maintained equipment
  • Transportation and event logistics

Whether your event brings in 1 ton or 500 tons, Maven Technologies can handle it with ease and professionalism.
Contact us today to schedule your recycling event:

Event Services