Commercial Recycling

Maven Technologies is more than a recycling firm. We are your complete life cycle management partner. We manage every aspect of your company’s sensitive e-recycling needs, providing you a fully compliant, secure and eco-friendly solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our Total Life-Cycle Management approach ensures your company's data, devices, identity, and integrity are recycled in a safe and efficient manner.

Our 13 years of experience in navigating and understanding of the continually changing landscape of environmental laws and regulations is applied to every step of our comprehensive process: dismantling, disposal, reuse, and redistribution, keeping you completely compliant.

Whether you’re a small business, mid-sized company, not-for-profit agency, educational institution, medical facility, or larger corporation, our experts in the field of reverse logistics provide cost-effective, information-sensitive solutions to end-of-life asset management.


Maven Technologies, LLC - a Certified Electronics Recycler™ – offers a recycling process that is fully compliant with local, state, federal, and international regulations. The Maven Technologies process guarantees computer and electronic equipment is recycled in an environmentally sound manner, following all products through the recycling stream with a detailed summary including serial number, manufacturer, and model #. It is a commitment to that process that allows Maven to claim, "Your product will never lose its identity".

Maven’s reporting and documentation are HIPAA compliant, meet Department of Defense standards and provide easy reference for annual audits.

Guaranteed Security

You've worked hard for your success, and Maven wants to ensure that success through data controls and informational integrity. That's why we guarantee your equipment never loses its identity, nor is any data in a place of compromise. Controls, cross-references, daily quality control checks, as well as a secure data destruction facility are all part of our highly refined operation. Coupled with our commitment to environmental and data integrity, Maven is able to process a large amount of incoming product without sacrificing security or customer service.

Maintaining your asset's identity has been made possible by the careful door-to-door management of our records, recycling process, and systems of data retention.

Full service equipment management

Maven's business model allows us to service large and small companies alike to ensure your end-of-life assets are managed safely and effectively. Pickups are arranged with your schedule and operational needs in mind, and our competent and qualified personnel work to make sure the equipment is weighed, counted, sorted, tagged, tested, and refurbished or dismantled according to condition. Hard drives are placed immediately in a secure location until the scheduled time of DOD wiping. We assume responsibility for asset recovery so you can focus on your primary business goals.

Certified Electronics Recycler™

In June 2011, Maven Technologies completed the audit process to become certified in the two industry-leading recycling standards known as R2 and RIOS. Certification in both of these standards earns them the title of Certified Electronics Recycler®. Maven Technologies was the first Certified Electronics Recycler® in New York State and 11th in the United States.

R2/RIOS ensures responsible recycling by:

  • Upholding a zero landfill policy
  • Auditing data destruction procedures
  • Improving the entire process from customer care to downstream
  • Ensuring environmental health and safety best practices